Antioxidant and The Body

If you have read my previous post about Kangen Water® and its’ 3 properties, you will find this post to be interesting coz I am sharing the importance of the first property mentioned earlier which is about “antioxidant.”

Antioxidants are substances which can prevent your cells from oxidative damage. What does it mean ? When you cut an apple in half and leave part of it for later, what happens? The leftover turns brown, right? That is oxidation.
Antioxidants fight oxidation and keep your organs healthy.
It is important to take high level of antioxidants to protect your cells against

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the attack of free radicals.

That is why I recommend drinking Kangen Water® because it has more than (-400) ORP. This tells you that it has high level of protection for your body and again I would like to highlight that it has high level of antioxidant which is many times higher than those supplements or nutritional food available on the market. Again, free radicals can damage your body cells and it can help to play a role to welcome heart disease, cancer, high blood and other diseases to your health.

Therefore, you must understand a little bit more about free radicals and its’ affect on our daily lifestyle. You will be very familiar with the lifestyle that I am about to share in a minute. Now, please think about your lifestyle for a moment
and ask yourself if you are constantly exposed to the following which welcome free radicals into your body :

ultra violet ray
air pollution
water pollution
preservative food
poor nutrition diet

excessive exercise

stress due to work, financial problem, family, relationship and others

When you do have the above, you are unconsciously allowing free radicals bombarding your cells. Then what to do now ? I am pretty sure that you do not want to allow more of these free radicals inside the body to attach to the other cells which then affect other organs and welcome unwanted diseases. The first thing you want to do is to protect the body cells from the damage by these free radicals. So, let Kangen Water® which has antioxidant property in the water itself does its’ work. That is to neutralise free radicals and remove toxins from your body. Doesn’t it make sense to have quality and potent antioxidant in your body ?

The choice is always yours ! People make choices everyday and people make decision base on what is important to them and their families on everyday basis too. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what your choices and decisions are BUT what is important is that today, I am here to help you with a great solution to protect yourself and your family against free radicals that may be attacking your body now.

As always, I am happy to connect with you in anyway which can be convenient to you to discuss more about this home used medical grade water ioniser or it is more popular known as Kangen Water®

Please feel free to connect with me or contact me

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from the details given below for product information or even about the business. I will be more than happy to share information 🙂

To Your Health and Prosperity

Cheers ! 🙂

Pearly Quah

SKYPE me : pearly.quah
Telephone: +60 16 2630 918
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