Colon Health Improves With Hexagonal Kangen Water

One of the most well-researched and documented effects of Hexagonal Kangen Water is the impact it has on gastrointestinal function and health.

According to Dr Hiromi Shinya, “You Are What You Eat”. Dr Shinya designed and developed a life saving medical tool for the endoscopic removal of colon polyps without surgery. He is world reknowned in performing intestinal-related procedures and has examined more than 3000,000 people’s stomachs and large intestines and has performed nearly 100,000 polypectomies {polyp removal}.

Dr Shinya recommends the use of Kangen Water to his patients and has achieved extraordinary results as demonstrated by these before and after colonoscopy photos.


In addition to Kangen Water, Dr Shinya recommends dividing food intake into 90% fruits and vegetables and 10% protein. His specific recommendations are :

– Eat unrefined grains or cereals
– Eat more vegetables
– More seafood, less meat
– Avoid oxidized food
– Eat fermented food
– Avoid milk and dairy products

Clinical researched has documented the effect of Hexagonal Kangen Water on subject with chronic constipation. When constipation is prolonged, it impacts other body processes and health. According to Dr Jhon, consumption of Hexagonal Kangen Water improved transit time and frequency of bowel movements. Other researched has documented the effect of Kangen Water on the prevalence of abnormal gastro-intestinal putrefaction.

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