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One of the properties of Kangen Water is the micro-clustered property. Many of you may have already known what is Kangen Water. For some who are new, it is a medical device which restructure your tap water into water with unique properties.

Micro-clustered water is very important for our body cells which can be explained as such – Micro-clustered are attracted to the negative charge on the outside of cell wall and

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because of their nano size easily pass through the cell wall, carrying with them nutrients which they release to nourish and hydrate the cell. They attract and gather up waste material and again pass through the cell walls on their way out, cleansing the cell as they leave.

Most of us are drinking but not hydrating our body cells. Let us look at acidic beverages which almost everyone consumes. Such beverages are only to satisfy our taste and it does absolutely nothing to nourish our cell. In order for our body to be able to remove toxins, it requires lots of water to accomplish this. Let say if you consume a cup of coffee, you will need to drink 5 glasses of water to rid the acid waste from the tissues. Soft drinks have high content of sugar. It may contain as high as nine teaspoon of sugar. Sugar is now confirmed a poison because of its corrosive and damaging nature on every organ of the body. Worst than sugar is high fructose corn syrup, which is the choice sweetener of most soft drinks. It is the main reason for obesity, diabetes and heart diseases.

It is absolute necessity to hydrate the body with the right kind of water to counteract metabolic acidity. Please note that 5% fluid loss will contribute to the following :

Increased Heart Rate
Increased Respiration
Decreased Sweating
Decreased Urination
Extreme Fatigue
Muscle Cramps
Increased Body Temperature
Tingling Of The Limbs

10% fluid loss is fatal Severe Dehydration :

Muscle spasms
Racing Pulse
Shriveled Skin
Dim Vision Confusion
Difficult Breathing
Chest Abdominal Pain


Most of us are unaware that our brain is 85% water and it is the first place to lose water and become dehydrated. Proper hydration of the brain is essential and drinking the right kind of water is imperative. The brain needs clean water (with minerals) in order to conduct electrical impulses. These bio-electric commands automatically regulate body temperature, process information, help us move muscles, automatically breathe, help us eat and digest, and cause us “to feel” both

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physically and emotionally. When there isn’t enough water available to your brain, your brain basically shuts down to conserve energy.

One of the most important roles of water is to keep your brain hydrated. Something as simple as changing the water you drink could have a profound impact on optical brain health.

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