Enagic Kangen Water Business With 8 Points Commission Structure

This is how you get compensated with our unique 8 points system business model. Enagic patented 8 points commission structure separated us from any other direct sale or multi level marketing plan available on the market.

Picture1 Enagic pays 8 points


There are 6 ranks within the 8 points commission structure. Each time a machine is sold, 8 points is generated. So, how does it work ?

First, the 6 ranks can be explained as follows :

1 A 2 A 3 A 4 A 5 A 6 A

There are always 2 steps to move up in rank.

Step 1 : You must sell the accurate number of direct sale and group sales

Step 2 : To move up to each new rank, you must always have a new direct sale or new personal sale to qualify you for the new rank.

1 A – The first requirement is that you must have 2 direct sales in order to move up to 2 A.

2 A – When you have your 3rd direct sale, you will be on a 2 A rank.

3 A – To move up to 3 A rank, you must have a total of 10 group sales plus a new direct sale.

4 A – When your group generated 20 group sales plus your new direct sale, you move to 4 A.

5 A – When the group sales make up of 50 sales with one new direct sale, you are on 5 A.

6 A – To move up to 6 A, you must have a total of 100 group sales plus a new direct sale.

Enagic pays distributors based on their performance. For example, when a person is at 1 A rank and the group sales plus new direct sale is achieved at a total of 10 group sales plus one new direct sale, that allows the person to climb straight away to 3 A rank without having to go through the 2 A rank.

Now how do you get paid on all the rank from 1 A rank to 6 A rank ? When you are on 1 A rank, you have 1 point and when you are on 2 A rank, you have 2 points and it goes up all the way till when you on a 6 A rank, you have 6 points.

Take a look at the following commission chart. The Basic 8 Point Commission Structure pays through 8 points within 8 level

kangen water compensation_graph

Here is an explanation to show you what I mean. The example is focus on Peter’s earning. He is now a 6A.

Peter sponsored Pearly

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when he was at 5A
Pearly sponsored Yada when she was at 2A
Yada sponsored Barbara when she was at 1A
Barbara sponsored Matt when she was at 1A

So, how much each and every sponsors will receive in commission ?

We count on points because we get paid within the 8 points system. The points you have depends on your rank. The higher the rank, the higher the point. The higher the point, the lesser your overiding will be but you will get paid beyond the 8 point system when you are a 6A.

Barbara 1 Point,
Yada 1 Point,
Pearly 2 Points.

Add all these points together, they are 4 points. Because it is a 8 Points Commission System, Pete has balance of 4 Points to overide.

From the above scenario, Peter will receiveRM4000 or USD1140 from example above from Barbara Sale When she was at 1A. Yada will receive RM800 from Barbara sale when she was at 1A, Pearly will receive RM1600 or USD 579 from Barbara sale and Barbara herself will receive RM800 or USD285 from her own 1A direct sale.

This is to tell you the basic 8 points system. Once you have achieved your 6A rank, there will be additional income streams. They are as the following :

a) Educational Allowance

RM600 for all your non 8A Sales

RM150 if you are blocked by 1 6A below that leg

RM150 if you are blocked by 2 6A below that same leg.

I hope this explains the power of Enagic’s compensation plan and how it is dramatically different from an MLM structure. With Enagic you get paid for performance and the commissions are far greater than any other payplan I have witnessed. Please get in touch if you wish for more information.

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


Pearly Quah
Kangen Water Malaysia
Enagic Malaysia Distributor 2502237
Skype : pearly.quah Mobile: +60162630918
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  1. Alex Moody says:

    Very important distinction re the 8 Point payment system!!
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  2. Hi Pearly,

    Thanks for the overview of Kangen Water Business. I’ve been reading how wonderful it is for you!

    The structure seems great!

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