Enagic® Kangen Water® Global Business For Entrepreneur

The fundamental idea behind Enagic® is being able to attain and maintain true health in every aspect of life. In order to achieve true health, you must have :

a) healthy body
b) healthy state of mind
c) healthy finances

If you can integrate these three elements into your life, you will discover true health.

Therefore, it is vital to start your journey to life-changing benefits of adding Enagic® Kangen® Alkaline Water to your daily life.

Kangen does have an actual meaning. In Japanese the word “Kangen” translates to “Return To Origin”, this is what the water is trying to help people to achieve. It is also a trademarked name belonging to Enagic.

Enagic understands that the quality ionisers sets the water produced apart from that of other ionisers. As such, they decided to actually brand the alkaline drinking water produced by their own machines with its own name to identify and distinguish it from any other alkaline drinking water. Enagic® is working diligently to ensure that the people in this market ask for the best alkaline water available, that they ask for it by name, “Kangen Water®” !

The Business Opportunity
The compensation plan has been set up to encourage every distributors help each other. Unlike other marketing plan or pyramid plan, Enagic® Kangen Water® has implemented a way for anybody to climb their way to increase their earning potential at own pace base on selling performance alone.

It is possible to jump several ranks at one time provided that you make sales and follow the system. As you move up to the rank, the more earning points you received, the higher the earning you will enjoyed.

Cheers !

Pearly Quah
Kangen Water® Malaysia
Enagic® Malaysia Independent Distributor 2502237
Skype : pearly.quah
Email :
Mobile : +60162630918

2 Responses to “Enagic® Kangen Water® Global Business For Entrepreneur”

  1. Pearly,

    I never knew that Kangen actually had meaning in the Japanese Language. I have many good things about Kangen water AND many things about the benefits of alkaline water to cure and prevent many illnesses. Thanks for sharing information on this great product with us!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial recently posted…How to Change Font Size and Font Family in WordPress Posts and PagesMy Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hi Jim,

      First, I do not understand why your comment actually went into my spam box. Sorry for the delay to approve it.

      Yes, it is originated from Japan and that is why till today, it is more popular known as kangen water.

      You sound very much a health conscious person, Jim. Good to learn more about anything good for our health.

      Thanks for your comment, Jim


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