Healing Power of Alkaline Antioxidant Water

Kangen Water is living water with antioxidant, oxygen, high in alkalinity. Alkaline antioxidant water helps get living water into your body so that you can live with better health.

Kangen Antioxidant Alkaline Water Ioniser produces water with a very small molecules that is just right the size to get into your body cells whereby regular tap water has larger molecule that are too big to get into your body cells.


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Kangen Water has negative ORP (Negative Oxidation Reduction Potential) which is gaining electrons that have negative charge. At anytime you are gaining electrons, you are gaining negative charge which is positive for your health. That is why this is known as anti aging. It provides high antioxidant for your body. You want antioxidant and you do not want oxidant in your body if you want to live disease free.





Water needs a way to get into the cells and hydrate the cells. If water has big molecules, it cannot get into the cells and hydrate the cells. That is why, you can drink gallons and gallons of bottled water or tap water and still be dehydrated.




The ideal size for molecules to get into the cells is 5 to 6 clustered molecules. This is key. This is a precise., peer-reviewed and researched science and by no name is a guessing game.

The Japanese have known about this for decades and it is only recently beginning to be studied and understood by scientists in the West.

In a nutshell, the micro-clustering of water is the hydration quality of water. Water at the proper molecular

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structure does not support DISEASE and Death. It promotes health and life.

Alkaline antioxidant water which is at molecular structure of 5 to 6 clusters, is perfect for our health because it can hydrate the cells.



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