Kangen Water Malaysia Puts Together Kangen Water Video By Doctors (Experts)

It is always good to be open and listen to what others are sharing but if you have never allowed someone to share with you before, no worries because today I am sharing videos on what the experts are saying about Kangen Water. We are not not making any claims by ourselves but lots of experts are getting very impressed with the benefits of Kangen Alkaline Water to the health and sharing this special water with unique properties to their patients.

On this blog post, I am putting together few videos by these experts for your awareness 🙂

Dr Corinne Allen – BRAIN ON WATER PART 1

Tim McKnight, M.D. speaks about Kangen Water

Dr Horst on Cancer Kangen Water

Kangen Water Testimonial Dr. Dave Carpenter

Dr Shinya Shocking Colonoscopy Videos

The experts speak better than words from any marketers, right ? 🙂 So, today, I have shared something you may have heard before but they are statements and words made by the experts !!!:-) not from me 🙂

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One Response to “Kangen Water Malaysia Puts Together Kangen Water Video By Doctors (Experts)”

  1. Barbara says:

    How enjoyable and educational!
    Thanks for sharing this, Pearly. It’s so important to know there are reliable opinions on Kangen by respectful doctors.
    Not that lay people’s experience is not relevant, of course. But you can definetely realize that not all doctors are stuck in old views of health and how to pursue it.
    Thanks again.
    Barbara recently posted…Bottled water contains also endocrine disruptors!My Profile

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