Kangen Water® Malaysia Sharing About Kangen Water® And Skin

Drinking plenty of Kangen Water® everyday does not only aids your digestion, absorption, excretion and circulation. It does wonder for your skin as well.

It is said that drinking adequate amount of Kangen Water® daily gives you radiant, healthy and younger looking complexion.

Skin being the largest external organ functions at its best when it is given the proper hydration. Skin is made up of cells and the cells are made up of water. Without water, the skin will become dry and flaky and thus it promotes wrinkle skin.

We lost quite an amount of water from our body everyday and it is always a must to replenish the loss by drinking plenty of water. Important note to remember is that whenever you drink water, it will

reach all other body organs first before it reaches your skin. So, it is necessary to keep your body well hydrated to avoid formation of wrinkle on your skin. Does this make sense to you about the importance of drinking Kangen Water® for beautiful, radiant, healthy and younger looking skin ?

Below is the picture of two men from Enagic®. On the left is the Japanese CEO and on the right is the American Business Advisor.
Before you read further, please take a good look at the picture and guess what’s their age ?

You already made a guess, right ?
Now compare your answer here :
The Japanese is few months older than the American. At the time that picture was taken, they were both 69 years old 🙂 Do you see the difference !
Japanese secret : Has been drinking Kangen Water® for more than 35 years
and never missed his two glasses of Kangen Water®
when he wakes up from sleep in the morning 🙂

Give your skin a drink with Kangen Water® ! 🙂 Below is one of the natural remedy to rejuvenate your skin.
Make sure you have a calculator with you now and then do a check on the amount of water you need for your body.

a) This is to bring awareness on the amount of water needed by your body
>Click Here For Formula

b) Do not add your sugary and carbonated drink to the amount of water
needed by the body.

c) Do not miss two glasses of water when you wake up from sleep in the

d ) Drink Kangen Water® with special properties to stay well hydrated.

Do you want to keep your skin well hydrated ?

Feel free to contact Pearly Quah from the details given below to receive my invite for a demo at your nearest location.

To Your Health, Wellness and Prosperity.



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12 Responses to “Kangen Water® Malaysia Sharing About Kangen Water® And Skin”

  1. Hey Pearly,
    Yes the body needs a lot of water! It’s too easy to get dehudrated …Babies are 90% water when born. I don’t drink enough – I don’t think. But I have to go back and read what Kagen water is and isn’t. I’ll look arund and educate myself 🙂 Oh and I can’t believe the picture of those two men! Hard to believe they are the same age!
    Lesly T. Federici recently posted…Hubba Hubba HubSpotMy Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hey Lesly,

      Thank you for stopping by. Oh yes and babies are born alkaline. That is why we always encourage mothers to feed their babies with clean water for all purpose. The good thing about our machine is that it filters all the chlorine, lead, bacteria and etc as well. It is definitely safe for babies 🙂

      Aha….yes, I couldn’t believe the two men are from the same age when I first saw it…lol and the another picture shows a mother and daughter. Oh my, her mothers looks younger than the daughter. She is drinking kangen water for three years at the time the picture was taken. It amaze me ! 🙂

      Lesly, tank you for your comment.

      Pearly Quah

  2. Pearly,

    The picture says it all! When the time is right I will buy the Kangen water producer. It is totally amazing and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Water is so critical to our health and the proper pH of the water is also so critical to avoiding major health problems!

    Thanks again for sharing information on this great product!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim@Thesis Tutorial, Thesis Theme, WordPress Tutorial recently posted…How to Install “Google Analytics for WordPress” plugin by YoastMy Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, they are amazing and frankly, the product itself makes our business easier to build. Usually they are users who are satisfied with the results they are getting and then they just spread the words around and they will get paid when their friends and relatives purchase the machine.

      It is also a radiation free machine. So many benefits and features in one machine ! 🙂

      Jim, I would love to be at your service if given a chance. Do let me know if I can send you more details about our machine.

      Kangen Water has been recognised for its effectiveness by thousands of doctors and already 39 years on the market. So, you are right to say it is amazing ! 🙂

      Good to see you here on my blog for few times now and I thank you for sharing your side of story and comments.

      Thank you very much
      Pearly Quah

  3. HI Pearly, This is a great post. Just like Lesly states above I cannot believe these two guys are the same age WOW!!I for one drink Lots of water. Mon-Fri in the morning I help out a friend in his Green house and if we didn’t drink water all morning while working we would dry up HEHE Thanks for sharing.. Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Be Willing To AdaptMy Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hi Chery,

      Great to see you there ! Thanks for stopping by 🙂
      Yes, it is true, there are lots of difference in physical appearance and internal body health when drinking kangen water 🙂 I saw another picture of a mother and her daughter..the mother has been drinking kangen water for 3 years and goshhhh..when I make a guess, my guessing was wrong. I mistakenly mussed the daughter is the mother 🙂

      Yes, good to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. When our body cell is healthy, we will look young and stay healthy too 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Chery.

      Pearly Quah recently posted…Kangen Water® Malaysia Sharing About Kangen Water® And SkinMy Profile

  4. Pearly,

    Wow. That water seems magical, almost too good to be true. I’m not ready at this time to purchase a machine but I would like to know more about it.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted…Leave Your Comfort Zone – Success Does Not WaitMy Profile

    • Pearly says:

      Hi Erica,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      To be very frank, it is also called a miracle water. Before the Japanese created this machine decades ago, they actually tested on the effectiveness of the holy water at several locations in the world such as in France, India and several other locations where pilgrims always travel to that places for healing purpose. So they found that the holy water actually contained a lot of hydrogen and that is why it is called negative water in Japan which is also known as alkaline water nowadays.
      So, Kangen Water Machine actually produces more than just alkaline water. I am glad that you would like to have more information about it and will furnish you with that, Erica.
      I am pleased with your request !
      Pearly recently posted…Kangen Water® Malaysia Sharing About Kangen Water® And Skin
      Pearly recently posted…Kangen Water® Malaysia Sharing About Kangen Water® And SkinMy Profile

  5. Teach Jim says:

    Wild these two guys are the same age. I spent several years in Asia and found their healthy lifestyles were very very strong. I think We each need to make the best choices in our diets. Our health habits make a big difference. Thank you for this article. Teach Jim
    Teach Jim recently posted…Mark Call Confession: From Uncle Fester to Dreams Fulfilled. What is the Key?My Profile

  6. Hi Pearly

    Makes perfect sense…..

    When visiting Mediterranean countries, ans I think especially Italy, when you see the old ladies they are very wrinkled….

    Too many years of baking in the sun….

    I am always mindful when it is hot to keep hydrated, and never wait until you are thirsty….. That is too late!

    I will need to check out that formula later too, and will probably be under hydrating still!

    Thanks for the information Pearly!

    Posted By Jon Barry of
    Jon Barry @ Let’s Talk recently posted…I Can – The Monday Motivational Video PlaqueMy Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hey Jon,

      Thank for commenting 🙂

      I must agree with you about drinking water to keep us hydrated and when we wait till we are thirsty then our body is telling us we are dehydrated. It will get us to replenish quickly 🙂

      Good to see you stop by here, Jon.

      Thanks and Cheers
      Pearly Quah

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