Kangen Water Malaysia With Alkaline Water And Acidosis

Acidosis is a tendency of the body to be over acid. This occurs when the body loses its alkaline reserve. When acid waste accumulated in the body, our cells are not able to function properly.

Persons who have diabetes often suffers from acidosis, and stomach ulcers are associated with this condition as well.

During Menopause, women can become extremely acidic. Our bodies use calcium and other minerals to buffer this acidity. That calcium loss can lead to osteoporosis.
The symptoms of acidosis are frequent :

* Sighing
* Insomnia
* Water Retention
* Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Migraine Headaches

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Abnormally Low Blood Pressure
* Dry Hard Stools
* Foul Smelling Stools Accompanied By A Burning Sensation In Anus
* Alternating Constipation and Diarrhea
* Difficulty Swallowing
* Burning In The Mouth / Under The Tongue
* Sensitivity Of Teeth To Vinegar And Acid Fruits
* Bumps On The Roof Of The Mouth / Tongue

Having read all the information given above, do you think that balancing of alkalinity is important ? Do you also believe that our bodies run on water but not on juices or soft drinks or beverages etc and that the quality of water matters ?

Yes, you better believe they are ! It is important to know the symptoms of acidosis because these are what alkaline water neutralizes.


Kangen Water helps balance acidosis because of the alkalinity of the water which the Kangen Ioniser produces. In addition to that, Kangen Water has high anti-oxidant properties (-ORP) which it has the ability to protect our cells from the attack of these free radicals that are bombarding our health and because of the micro clustered molecules, it is able to hydrate your cell so much faster at the cellular level.

According to scientist, there are many more benefits to alkaline water than simply the alkalinity or pH. The most important feature is the oxidation reduction potential (ORP). Water with high negative ORP has the ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals.

So now you see how important these properties can contribute to your good health and how it can effectively remove the toxins from your body.

It is well known that chronic diseases result in excess acidity in the body.
Drinking lots of Kangen Water makes your body heal itself and that it why Kangen Water carries the meaning of “return to origin.”

So, what are you waiting for ? Are you waiting to welcome diseases or allowing your body condition to further deteriorated ?

Invest in your health because diseases is much more expensive than your health.

Experience the benefits of Kangen Water to your health and then share it with people who come into your life.

No matter where you are in the world, I am always happy to assist you with more information about our Kangen Water Machine. So, feel free to contact me from the details given below.

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


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  1. Pete Chapman says:

    Hi Pearly
    Once again… you provide excellent information for your readers on why they should choose Kangen Water.

    Pete Chapman recently posted…Drink Water – Not Coke!My Profile

  2. David Hulse says:

    My wife Jean has Rheumatoid arthritis, sound like this Kangen water is just what she needs. Thanks for highlighting the symptoms Pearly
    David Hulse recently posted…The Answer? Kangen WaterMy Profile

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