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Kangen Water® Malaysia offers a unique business opportunity on the platform of an ethical product that provides optimum health with a realistic likelihood for financial freedom providing the new business owner has the right guidance, personal motivation and determination to succeed . Let me explain. Have you ever really looked into any company’s marketing plan and then try to figure out a simple way to help your team members achieve the highest ranking which all distributors should aim for before going after higher leadership ranking ?enagic bus opp 2

Now, if you haven’t, it is a must for you to do so. You do not want to sponsor people into your team without helping them to set a goal so that they can achieve the financial freedom they deserved.

Never ever think that you must succeed first before them ! This is important because in direct sales or network marketing opportunities you only succeed together!  So you need to grow together. Helping team members grow their business is essential for the successful marketer as their success is also your success ! So, help your team members have a vision in the business and guide them to set a monthly goal. A goal which is achievable.

At Enagic®, all distributors must own a unit of Kangen Water®  Machine to be in business. Our strategy is very simple and easy to follow. We at Enagic® are customers and users of Kangen Water and  we duplicate our businesses through sharing our water and machines are sold as people realise the health benefits of the water. We do not start as professional sales people. We are just enthusiastic users of the best water ionizers on the planet!  We are actually a team of caring members having common interest sharing the water with people who come into our lives and people we care about. Most of us are passionate in sharing wellness and helping others to achieve and maintain good health. So, we have lots of fun sharing the water and at the same time enjoying true health. If you want to discover more about true health, click on this link which I have written a post about this earlier.

enagic bus oppIn the unique 8 point commission system that Enagic operates the key position is that of an Enagic 6a Distributor. This position is gained after 100 group sales – those sales of yourself and your team of distributors. It is likely that a 6a Distributor will have earned around $50,000 u.s. by the time they have reached that position and would be enjoying a wonderful income following that qualification.

So, you may ask, how do I get to become a 6a Distributor with Enagic? Here is a simple formula to achieve financial freedom as a 6a Distributor with Enagic® Kangen Water®  .  Please click on this link to watch the video on Enagic Business Presentation if you want to have an over view of the business plan.

Well here is your formula for one personal sale a month and helping and teaching your team to do the same:

Month one  = 1 sale
Month two =  2 sales ( 1 sale from you and one sale from your first sale because you are teaching them to do the same as you)
Month two = 4 sales (1 sale from you and one each from your new members)
Month three =  8 sales
Month four = 16 sales
Month five  = 32 sales
Month six = 64 sales
Month seven  = 132 and 6a!

This is a unique plan that works and you have a stress free formula to follow to get to 6a level in less than a year.enagic compensation plan

How does this work? Well, it depends upon the quality of the leadership in your team. It depends on the training that your sponsor can offer you. On the support you will get to begin your business.

I believe that is what I can offer you.

1. A unique internet marketing support and team member site which will show you exactly how to duplicate what our leaders do to make our team unique in the world with world class online marketing strategies.

2. Supportive offline marketing leadership across SE Asia to help you become a top 6a distributor.

3. My own personal support to help you succeed.

Please feel free to contact me to make this part of the integral business plan towards  achieving your financial goals for 2013

Pearly Quah pearlyquah

Kangen Water® Malaysia

Mobile : +60162630918
Skype: pearly.quah


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  1. Pete Chapman says:

    I am confident, Pearly, that anyone who decides to partner with you will enjoy a most fruitful friendship and business relationship. You are a truly inspiring person.

    Pete Chapman recently posted…Global Business Opportunity With Enagic Kangen Water®My Profile

  2. Stephen says:

    Whats the cost of 1kangen water malaysia?

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Glad to meet you here. The price varies. We have different models and also depend on which location are you from. For instance, if you are in UK OR USA, the most affordable model is from as low as USD1480.

      I would like to email you some information on the differences of the products and mean while, you can subscribe to my water report on the top right side bar on my blog.

      Thanks and Cheers
      Pearly Quah

  3. says:

    我想请问leveluk sd501是什么价钱?

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