Relax and Enjoy the Soothing Effect of Ionized Mineral Water.

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Take the pleasure of enjoying the soothing feeling at the hot spring spa resort in your own home with Enagic Anespa. Anespa is a spa attachment for your shower or bath. It recreates in your home the healthy experience of bathing in natural

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hot springs. Both a shower unit and hot water fill for the bathtub are provided.

Anespa Shower

ANESPA’s mineral-ion water will give relaxing effect, moisturizes your skin and gives shiny hair.

SKIN MOISTURIZER Feel healthy, mineral ions provides a youthful complexion and helps preserve supple skin. Our waterhead provides a wondrous massage you’ll relish daily. Welcome to lasting beauty !

SHINY HAIR Everyone likes to enjoy shine hair. Ionized water provides brilliant shine to your hair that will amaze everyone. You’ll feel the difference when you run your fingers through your hair. Enjoy the health benefits all day long !

FEEL LIKE YOU ARE ENJOYING A SOAK IN HOT SPRING Relax and enjoy the soothing effect of ionized mineral water, just like you are in a hot spa. Negative ions relax the body and ease away stress. Ease the worries of the day and relax !

ANESPA enhances your health and beauty through ionized mineral water. It brings to you a new and invigorating beauty and health spa that will bring relaxation to everyone including those with skin problem.

It also protects your glowing hair from chlorine damage. Residual chlorine in tap water causes all sorts of hair damage like split ends and colour changes. The reason for this is that hydrolyzed proteins combine with chlorine will strip moisture from your hair.

Chlorine is the greatest enemy of your skin. When the skin absorbs chlorine, it forms chlorine oxides which when combined with fat molecules within your skin, leads to skin pigmentation and freckles. A hot relaxing bath with Anespa is just the right thing for people with conscious about their health, those with sensitive skin and babies. It is highly effective against aging, skin conditions and freckles.

So, purify your tap with Anespa to obtain the beneficial effects of mineral ion water. Protect your delicate skin, beautiful hair and health from the harmful effect of tap water. Find out more about our spa product here

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


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