Simple Cooking Using Kangen Water.

Kangen Alkaline Ionizer is designed for many uses. Most people who owned alkaline water Ioniser will use the water only for drinking and also to wash their face & body with the beauty water.

Today, I will be sharing about using the water to remove pesticides and various chemicals while preparing

the food. As you may aware that Kangen Water has a great micro clustering property, it enhances the taste of the food and the water is able to draw out nutrient from the food you cook, hence it promotes nutritious food.


Steam Herbal Chicken (Kangen Water)


The video below show you few steps to steam herbal chicken using Kangen Water pH 11.5 and Kangen Water pH 9.5.

All the cleaning of food ~ pH 11.5

All the water used in cooking ~ pH9.5


Click the link below.

Simple Cooking Using Kangen Water.

(I Apologise That The Video Begin With The End, Please Reverse It Yourself While Watching)


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