Some Features Of Enagic Kangen Water Ioniser

An ioniser is just an ioniser. Alkaline water is alkaline water. Water is just water. What’s the big deal? If any of these thing crosses your mind, I would like to congratulate you for being here today, on my Kangen Water Malaysia Blog.

It has been known that Kangen Alkaline Water is identical to the “living water.” They are very hydrating, alkalising, anti-oxidising and detoxifying.

It is the same for Water Ioniser. You get the value for what you are paying for. When you drink the Kangen Water, you know that Kangen Alkaline Water is amazing.

Like any major purchase, buying a water ioniser is an investment that requires careful consideration. Ionisers are not cheap, so it is important that you buy one of good quality that fits your needs and budget.

A standard ioniser typically range in price from USD1500 to USD2000 on average to as high as USD5000 and above. Like an appliance, water ionizers are only cost efficient if they are reliable, quality assured and manufactured by a company with a good reputation.
Check out this post for the award received by Enagic over this 39 years of being the pioneer industry leader.

What I am about to tell you in a few minutes is about the value you are investing in your health with Enagic Number 1 Best Selling Product. This model is call the Leveluk SD 501.


SD 501 is equipped with 7 electrode plates which is powerful and yet compact in design. It is possible to produce an ample amount of electrolyse water with the ORP value in the range of +1130 mv to -800 mv. This design is made possible by loading an electrolytic cell with seven electrode plates that use electrodes plates made of platinum coated with titanium. The Kangen Water contains a lot of hydroxide ions (OH-) and positive ions (such as calcium ions) produced by electrolysis, and it also contains hydrogen.


There are 3 main things that influenced the creation of ionised water.
1) Total Surface Of Electrode Plates
2) Amount Of Time The Water Is In Contact With Electrode Plates
3) The Amount Of Power Surging Through The Electrodes
These are the 3 factors that will determine the strength of the properties of the water and how long will they last.
This is one of the most important aspects of this Kangen Water Ioniser and the reason that we are able to sample our water.

It is also equipped with an electrolysis enhancer tank. The

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built in tank for electrolysis enhancer makes easily to put in the electrolysis enhancer and it is necessary to obtain strong acid water and strong kangen water, and allows you to produce both kinds of water steadily and continuously. An injection of electrolysis enhancer (0.93pt) produces 0.93 gallons of strong acidic water in around 30 minutes depending on the quality of your water at that location.

Easy to use one touch panel. You will be notified by a large size liquid crystal display (LCD) and the voice prompted guide. A clear, large-size LCD and the voice prompts will inform you of the type of water being produced (kangen alkaline water, acidic water, strong acidic water, clean water and other necessary information.
The operation is very easy because you only need to touch a button to power up or down or select the type of water you would like to obtain.
When you push the button for acidic water, the secondary hose releases strong acidic water and the flexible pipe releases strong kangen water

The three-layered high-powered cleaning filter creates delicious water. You will be able to use your water cleaning filter until the total amount of water reaches around 3000 gallons. That is to say, you can use it for six months, supposing you use 16 gallons of water each day (this period differs depending on the quality and amount of the water). You will be notified by the LCD, voice prompts and the alarm when it is time to exchange the filter. The three-layered high-powered water cleaning filter removes matters such as lead, remaining chlorine (bleaching powder, effluvium, rust and impurity and still keeps minerals.

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To Your Wellness and Prosperity.


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