The Consequences Of Acid-Alkaline Imbalance

Extreme, life-threatening cases of acid-alkaline are relatively

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rare, but even slight acidosis can harm the body and profoundly affect its overall function and energy level. Some major health problems from over-acidity in the body can be described as below :

Kangen blog premature aging

Premature Aging

This is the direct result of weakened cellular structure, which happens when cells are continually exposed to an over acidic environment. Over acidity also negatively affects brain function, which, of course is associated with the aging process.






Fatigue is one of the most frequently experienced symptoms of acid-alkaline imbalance. The reason is because acidosis creates an internal environment that is not conducive to optimal energy production. Because of that, it diminishes the body’s supply of oxygen which is the main sources of energy. So, a depleted oxygen level

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prevents normal cellular function, leading to fatigue.



Impaired Enzyme Activity

The body produces thousands of different enzymes, and each acts as a catalyst for a particular biochemical reaction. However, enzymes can initiate these chain reactions only within specific pH level. When blood pH is too acidic, enzyme function is disrupted or sharply declines, allowing illness to take hold. Correcting the problem entirely depends on restoring acid-alkaline balance through dietary and lifestyle modifications.



Chronic inflammation


Inflammation and Organ Damage

The excess acids that build up due to chronic acidosis can harm the organs and tissues with which they come into contact, creating inflammatory conditions. Although over-acidity can cause inflammation anywhere in the body, the kidneys and skin, the organs through which acids are eliminated, are particularly affected.

Skin blotching, eczema, hives and itching can occur as a direct result of acidic sweat passing through the sweat glands. When exiting the body via kidneys, excess acid may inflame urinary tract, causing a painful burning sensation during urination.

I hope the above explanation give you some understanding of how harmful an acidic body condition can do you your health.Here we have solution to achieve acid-alkaline balance simply by drinking Kangen Water.

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


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