Using Your Water Ionizer

While the ideal pH for ionized drinking water is 9 to 9.5, you should begin at a slightly lower pH of 8.5 – usually the lowest alkaline setting on the ionizer. Do not immediately begin to fulfill your entire daily water requirement with ionized alkaline water. Instead start by drinking one to three 8 ounce glasses with pH of 8.5 a day and slowly increase the amount and the level of alkalinity each week.

Kangen Water On The Go

By introducing alkaline ionized water to your body little by little, you allow your system to detoxify at a moderate, steady rate. When toxins are pushed out too quickly (due to the water’s superior absorbability, uncomfortable side effects such as nausea and headache may occur.

The most important thing is to always listen

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to what your body is telling you. Here are some crucial points to keep in mind as you begin to use your ionizer.

* Do not take medication with ionized water – this is because of how quickly
alkaline ionized water is transported and absorbed by the body, it may
speed up your system’s assimilation of substances.Therefore, the water may
interfere with medications,which are intended to take effect in the body at
a specific rate. In addition, the water’s antioxidant properties may
neutralise certain medications. For these reasons, you should make sure
that at least an hour window separates your intake of medication and your
consumption of ionized water or you can take medication with Kangen Clean

* Do not drink ionized water with or close to mealtimes. Alkaline water can
disrupt digestion by neutralizing the acids needed to break down foods into
nutrients and wastes. You

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should avoid drinking alkaline ionized water at
least a half hour before and after meals and snacks. Instead, set your
water ionizer to the neutral setting – Kangen Clean Water.

* Never drink the acidic water. Drinking acidic ionized water will disrupt
your internal balance and may cause oxidation in the body,which weakens the
immune system and thus increases your risk of illness.

* Don’t worry about over-alkalinity. If you have gently eased your body into
regular ionized consumption, there is no reason to be concerned about over-
alkalizing your body. You can drink as much as one to two gallons each day
without any problems. Our body produces acids naturally in the course of
its daily activities, including breathing and using energy. As long as
you are not drinking a liter or more per hour, alkaline water is always
highly beneficial.

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To Your Health and Prosperity !

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