We Are Drinking But Not Hydrating

Acidic beverages (which everyone consumes) are basically a non life sustaining beverage. It does absolutely nothing to nourish our cells, it is only to satisfy our taste bud.

To the body the acid beverages are considered a non essential metabolic waste product.

In order for the metabolic waste product to be filtered out it requires a lot more water to accomplish this.

As an example, if you consume one cup of coffee you would need to drink five glasses of water to rid the acid waste from tissues.

soft drinks pictureSoft drinks are very high in sugar. One single soft drink may contain as much as nine teaspoons of sugar. Sugar has the same biochemical pathway as alcohol and we all know how damaging it is to the body. Sugar is now confirmed a poison because of its corrosive and damaging nature on every organ of the body.

Worst than sugar is high fructose corn syrup, which is the choice sweetener of most soft drinks. It’s the main reason for obesity, diabetes and heart disease in the United States. One single twelve soft drink per day is responsible for creating twelve pounds of fat storage.

All diet drinks have the same effect on the body as high as fructose corn syrup only in addition to that they are all converted to a highly damaging chemical in the brain called formaldehyde. For each soft drink you consume you should be drinking 5 to 6 glasses of water.

The latest research in nutritional biochemistry is showing that we need to consume a much higher protein to carbohydrate diet. High carbohydrate diets have the same negative health effect as sugar. Even a high protein diet causes a higher metabolic waste condition, requiring more water to metabolize the acid residue.

Almost all food we consume becomes metabolic waste except fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. However, you cannot sustain body functions with these two alone, as our body is primarily a protein structure. In other words, we need lots of alkalinity to maintain health.

It’s an absolute necessity to hydrate the body with the right kind of water to counteract metabolic acidity.

Causes of dehydration :
– Acidic Beverages (alcohol, coffee,soda)
– Eating too many refined foods, denatured proteins, carbohydrates.
– Environmental contaminants getting into

our food and water.
– Drinking polluted water
– Molecular structure of water had changed and is unable to fit inside
our cells.

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


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