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To begin with today’s post, please allow me to bring this fantastic announcement about our business expansion to India. Kangen Water India office will be opening very soon in Bangalore and by the time the renovation work is done, there are many professionals and loving people out there getting ready to spread the love of Kangen AntiAging Water to the people in this beautiful country with very huge population. The office is expected to start operation in January 2016. So, you are one of the pioneers when you start to grab this opportunity now and start positioning yourself as a leader in the industry to begin a uniquely loving business in 2016.

The business we are building and growing are not 100% internet based. You can choose to do it online or apply the offline marketing strategy to reach out to people in your circles or to others. How it works is that every customers who bought Kangen Water Ionizer has an option to participate in our global referral program or stay as loyal consumer with Enagic India.

We have a simple process to welcome any interested consumer in getting paid while learning to build the business. You do not have to decide right away as to whether you would want to grow the business with us but as far as I am concerned, every customers who supported me with a machine will be guided to take the first step. That is to get them participated in our Kangen Water Partnership Program. So, at anytime when they love the water so much and started sharing with others, they can submit the other necessary documents without delay. This is something I can safely say that all the consumers who purchased Kangen Water Machine from me are my Kangen Water Partners.

With this Water Business and Kangen Water Compensation Plan, anyone can starts earning before they are made to fully understand how the compensation plan works. This is very interesting and it allows Kangen India Distributors to earn income when they put in their own effort to share the water with people who come into their lives and able to create solid income when they build a team and leverage on that.

Let me introduce you a little about Kangen Water. Kangen Water is a delicious and tasty water created from Enagic Kangen Water Machine which is a Patented Technology and they are very alkalizing with high antioxidant and very hydrating as well. The machine is installed in your kitchen sink and attached to the faucet from your tap. You can click here to know about the benefits of drinking Kangen Water.

I am looking to expand my business network to India and I certainly look forward to work with any interested business builder or wellness entrepreneur from India who are open for discussion on this business.

You can be assured that I am a person who don’t believe in nagging people to come on board with me but if you show interest, my promise to you is that I will deliver my best to you and am always more than happy to spend my time discussing this with you. So, please do not hesitate to come to me for more detailed information because my guarantee to you is that this will be a no obligation sharing from my part. I promise to share the love of Kangen Water and the 8 Point Commission System.

To Your Wellness & Success,

Pearly Quah

Kangen Water Malaysia

Enagic Malaysia Independent Distributor 2502237

Skype : pearly.quah

Email :

Mobile : +60162630918 (watsapp or viber available)

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