What Is In Your Drinking Water

I would like to start by asking you a question.Have you ever read the newspaper on the health section and it says drink more water everyday is good enough to keep you hydrated and it helps to keep your body functions properly ? I believe you have and with that article which give you that information about water, you started to believe so much and started telling your kids and family members about drinking water for good health. You are right ! Water is good for health but what you may not realised is that the normal water you are talking about may be the water that has been contaminated.

Recently, I gather some important information from various books I have read and am happy to share some of these informations here on my blog. Check out the below !

Let’s take a closer look at Chlorine.  This is one chemical added intentionally to water supply. Chlorine is an economical chemical disinfectant that kills harmful bacteria. In USA, Chlorine is added to the water system to protect the health of the residents. That sounds reasonable enough except for just one problem. Studies conducted over the last twenty years have linked chlorine to colon, rectal, bladder and prostate cancer.

When Chlorine kills bacteria, it cannot discriminate between harmful and healthful. It destroys friendly bacteria in the colon. People with candida and immune suppressive diseases such as AIDS, Epstein-Barr Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should make the effort to drink only pure water.

Here’s why : Candida are parasitic fungi that resemble  yeast. They occur most frequently in the mouth, vagina and intestinal tract, where they are usually benign and can cause disease. Our physiology naturally balances candida with healthy bacteria, so nothing about the fungi draws our attention. When antibiotics or other agents, chlorine, for example – destroy healthful bacteria in the digestive system, the delicate balance goes out of whack. The result can be a glut of candida that can suppress the immune system and cause an array of health problems.

A surprisingly high number of people taking prescription antibiotics are well informed about adding the supplement acidophilus and eating live yogurt to stimulate increase of friendly bacteria. The alter their diet and avoid foods that may trigger an imbalance. If only they knew, all their diligence had little or no effect ! Why ? Because every time they sip chlorinated water, they kill the bacteria they have so painstakingly tried to cultivate.

Many possible sources of contaminations that can be found in drinking water. Fluoride is another chemical which is considered pesticide, insecticide and adhesive preservative. It is an aluminium by product which is still added to the water. Fluoride increases the absorption of lead, disrupting brain cell growth.  Fluoride is more toxic than Lead, both can accumulate in the body, inflicting damage over a long period of time. Fluoride makes bone brittle and hips fractured are linked to fluoridated water.

These days, no one uses lead in compounds that connect water pipes, but it can still bleed into the water supply from antiquated water mains and pipes. Leads contribute to hypertension, strokes, heart attack and can cause kidney, brain, personality, and nervous system disorders as well as lethargy. If you don’t have good purification system in your home, it is strongly recommended that you always run the cold water for a while before using pipes. Hot water absorb more lead than does cold water, so never use it from the tap for cooking or drinking.

Water Borne Disease. Few things are as insidious as bad water. It’s dangerous for you and your children,but you usually can’t  tell if you have it. And if you do, you may not be able to find out where the problems are coming from. Water can carry some of the most serious diseases – typhoid ! Dysentery ! Hepatitis ! – yet still look clear in the glass. We may do battle over how we get our water and develop it, but we fear for its quality.

Is Your Water Making You Sick ?  According to Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi, Director of the Water Institute of Japan, ” To eliminate the pollutants in a large stream that is contaminated at its source, we must work on the problems upstream at the headwaters – the source of the pollution – not downstream where we can only try to treat the evidence damage caused by pollution. Ionized Water‘s contribution to preventive medicine is essentially upstream treatment.”

The most important decision you can make about your health is deciding what type of water you will drink on regular basis. Do not take this lightly.  Do not compromise when it comes to your health. Drinking clean, highly vibrational, vital water will produce invigorating, energizing, anti aging and health promoting effects in your body.

Choose technology that is used to produce high quality water requires high quality components and will generally cost more. High quality water is the most vital part of a health program.

To Your Wellness and Prosperity !


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