Why Drink Kangen Water®

Interestingly, the human body comprises 70% water, while the human brain is 90% water. The high percentage of this

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element, both within the human body and outside it, hints at the importance of water in human body.

Read the below which shows the functions of water in the body…

a) Regulates body temperature.
b) Moistens tissues such as those in the mouth, eyes and nose.
c) Aids in process of digestion.
d) Helps in bowel movement.
e) Helps dissolve minerals and other nutrients, thereby enabling them to be absorbed into the body.
d) Helps maintain the pH of fluids.
e) Helps kidney/lymphatic system flush out toxins and waste material.
f) Helps to transport vital nutrients/oxygen to the various destinations to our body

Now that you understand the importance of water in the body, you must also understand why everyone homes should own at least a unit of Kangen Alkaline Water Machine for daily used. Always remember that the water must be quality drinking water.
Kangen Water® has 3 unique properties in that water and what makes them special, can be described as follows :

First Property – Anti Oxidant
First is the ORP which stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential. There is
a meter which can be used to measure the (ORP) and the results can be
positive or negative. If it is positive, it is not good for your body because
that is oxidising and aging. If it shows negative reading then the water is
good for your body because that is a powerful antioxidant.
We have done ORP tests on many type of drinking water available in the
market as well as tap water and the results we got from the meter showed
positive reading on those water tested while we had a -426 reading showed on the meter
with Kangen Water®. This shows that it is a very potent antioxidant and that the antioxidant level is many times higher than any food or nutritional supplement on the market. That means to tell you that the negative water from Kangen Water® has the ability to hydrate your body and able to neutralise free radicals in your body. Drinking Kangen Water® on regular basis will increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. That is why it is called negative water in Japan and it is used in the hospital by doctors to feed patients with Kangen Water®.

Second Property – Alkaline
The pH in your body must be more alkaline than acidic.

Always remember
that acidic body is the caused of many diseases such as gout, diabetic, kidney, cancer, memory loss, headache, joint pain and etc. Therefore , more and more
people are looking for health improvement by drinking Kangen Water to

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balance the body pH as well as to maintain good health and prevent diseases.
Water test has been done to measure different type of drinking water such as RO,
tap water, distilled water, soda, pepsi, Kangen Alkaline Water including several others and the results wasn’t favourable to the type of water that the body needs except for Kangen Water. Kangen Water® has higher pH of all.
What it means is that Kangen Water® is able to neutralise and balance an over acid state. Chronic acidic state is the underlying of many diseases, including pain and inflammation. Kangen Water® helps the body maintain its’ potassium, magnesium, calcium reserve by providing ionic minerals and negative hydroxyl ions to buffer excess acids.

Third Property – Micro Clustering Molecules
The regular tap water has about 15-20 molecules cluster while Kangen Water®
has about 4-6 molecules cluster. This is so much smaller.The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high

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solubility and good cellular permeability.
Kangen Water® is a living water that deeply hydrates the cells. It absorbed six times faster than tap water and bottled water because of its smaller molecule size and it has more hexagonal structure. Hexagonal structure is rich in ionic minerals like calcium and thus it is significance for bone density.

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  1. Hi Pearly

    I have only heard of Kagen water recently, and to be honest, I did not understand how it could do what it claimed, from what was basically described as a water filter…..

    I happened upon your site, and one of the first things I saw was a reference to ionic I believe.

    Now, some of that technology is used in air filters, and air conditioners, so understand where that is coming from.

    I will be digging around a bit more, and see what it is that makes Kagen water unique….

    Jon Barry of
    Jon Barry @ Let’s Talk recently posted…The Driving Force Behind FacebookMy Profile

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