Why I Choose Kangen Water Business Over Franchise Business.

Most likely what is in people’s mind is that a franchise business is a ready-made recipe for success. This is certainly not the case because your investment into such business doesn’t guarantee you success without your own capability. It requires skill and hard work although franchise business you are buying has all it takes to support your business.

Similarly, the opportunity such as Kangen Water Business doesn’t guarantee you success unless you put in your effort and be persistent. The support you required is always there for you. All you need to do is to duplicate the proven strategies by taking action and teach your team members how to do the business.

Let us take this chance to explore some of the requirements to buy a franchise business and what is require to own your own business with Enagic.


Franchise Business
01) Franchise fee is non refundable.
02) Royalty fee.
03) Renewal upon discretion of franchisor
04) Penalty fee if early termination
05) Very high investment.
06) Labour intensive.


Kangen Water Business
01) No fee to join.
02) No maintenance fee.
03) No renewal fee.
04) No penalty.
05) Low investment.
06) No labour required.

These are only six reasons why a direct selling business is more to my preference compared to franchise business. Obviously, there are many more flexibility in a direct selling business.

Business such as direct selling allows you to operate your business worldwide without having to set up offices in various locations if you choose not to, which most of the entrepreneurs also won’t do so.

Besides that, with the help of technology such as Internet, distance is not a barrier anymore. Entrepreneurs can do business on the Internet, can share documents, emails and many other tools can be used to discuss business and to have meeting on the Internet.

No traveling required when you want to reach out to potential business partners. All you need is internet connection, computer and probably one or two extra tools to grow your business and to reach out to people.

When you choose to do it offline, you can easily do it through many fun ways. You can arrange a party, wellness boot camp, healthy and delicious cooking, monthly get together with partners and new friends or even having a one to one date for a cup of coffee and etc. All these events won’t cost as much as renting an office space for long term basis.

There is no such thing as territory rights when you want to organise marketing campaign to boost your sales and to grow your business through partnership. You are free to look for customers and partners anywhere as long as you do not do your own marketing promotion by offering free gift or cost saving promotion which can affect company’s image or without prior

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written consent to the company.

When you are partnering with Kangen Water Malaysia, you are having your own business but you are not working alone. We are working together supporting each other.

However, your success in this business boils down to your own planning, persistent, determination, passion and relationship with others. Don’t blame others if you are not doing well yet but keep going and don’t stop sharing your business to people even you haven’t seen any positive results because your work will bear fruits later on.

We love to welcome you to be our partner in Kangen Water Business and feel free to contact anyone of us from the details given below to find out how our business works.

Pearly Quah

Jamaluddin Dali

2 Responses to “Why I Choose Kangen Water Business Over Franchise Business.”

  1. Pete Chapman says:

    This is a very well thought out article, Pearly, on the advantages of a low cost direct sales, network marketing business such as Enagic Kangen Water. I am happy to share this.

    Best wishes for yours and your readers continuing health with Kangen Water

    Pete Chapman recently posted…Enagic SD501 Survives House FireMy Profile

  2. David Hulse says:

    What a great article. Why would anyone choose to ‘work’ a franchise when they could join the likes of Enagic Kangen Water for the low cost of a machine that provides Healthy Water for ALL?
    David Hulse recently posted…“How much water should I drink?”My Profile

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