Why Kangen Water Ionizer Must Be Your Choice..

Today, Kangen Water Malaysia will guide you to picking the best water ionizer on the planet 🙂 Sounds interesting, right ? After reading this post, you are going to take away your worry on pricing, features, comparison on so many type of brands and etc and I PROMISE that you will never have headache again when you get to know more about Kangen Water Ionizer. You will simply put away the word “compare” and replace it with ” Quality Kangen Medical Grade Ionizer.

If someone is considering purchasing an ionizer, what do they REALLY want???
They should want the most beneficial alkaline water available!

Over here, I will guide you through the Kangen Water Ionizer Manufacturing Excellence.

Enagic is an ISO Certified Manufacturer

Kangen ISO

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) World’s largest & most respected developer of International Manufacturing Standards.
ISO is used in 162 different countries by only the best manufacturing companies!

Enagic – Manufacturing Excellence
ISO 9001 – Certification for QUALITY Compliance
ISO 14001 – Certification for ENVIRONMENTAL Compliance
ISO 13485 – Certification for MEDICAL DEVICE Compliance

Leader in the GREEN MOVEMENT
Setting the standard for environmental responsibility
Honored as an “Eco-Friendly” company

Kangen Green Movement Image

Kangen Green Movement Certificate











Products support a Green & Responsible lifestyle
Enagic: Going & Staying GREEN

– Focused on being GREEN, even before it was “P.C.”
– Received – Environmental Grand Prize for “Outstanding

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Achievement in Environmental Sciences”
– Awarded for “outstanding contributions in the areas of natural conservation and eco-business.”
– Is the GREENEST company in the entire industry and the products support a GREEN & RESPONSIBLE way of life!

Know what the company is doing to protect & preserve our planet.

Pricing : General Manufacturing to Wholesale to Retail Pricing Formula

Understanding how typical retail pricing “keystoning” works (normal 2 / 2.5 / 3 times mark up during each stage of the

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“product movement”)

Manufacturer – establishes “factory direct” / “bulk wholesale” pricing based on total cost to produce a product…materials, labor, overhead, etc.

Wholesaler – establishes “wholesale” pricing based on their cost to obtain the product. There can sometimes be multiple wholesalers involved in a product getting to market.

Retailer – establishes “retail” pricing based on their cost to obtain the product, as well as costs associated in selling / promoting the product, i.e. advertising, employees, retail location, etc. Retailer typically has the highest amount of expenses associated with selling the product, which is why they typically have the largest / most substantial mark up.

Manufactures bulk selling price = Manufacturing cost X 2 ($250.00 X 2 = $500.00)
Wholesale distribution selling price = Bulk cost X 2 ($500.00 X 2 = $1000.00)
Retail selling price = Wholesale cost X 2 ($1000.00 X 2 = $2000.00)

Let’s “Reverse Engineer” a typical ionizer retail price: $1800.00
Retail price $1800.00 / 2 = $900.00
Wholesale price $900.00 / 2 = $450.00
Manufactures price $450.00 / 2 = $225.00*
$225.00 ————–> $1800.00 = Mark Up of 8 TIMES!

Let’s “Reverse Engineer” the SD501 retail price: $3980.00
Retail price $3980.00 – 8 Point Payout + Bonuses = $1500.00
Manufactures price $1500.00 / 2 = $750.00*
$750.00 ————–> $3980.00 = Mark Up of 5.3 TIMES!

So who EXACTLY is the OVER PRICED ionizer?????

If we followed the traditional retail pricing model, the Enagic SD501 should have a retail price of approximately… $6,800.00!!!!!

Alright, now, who is making all the claims about Kangen Alkaline Ionizer ?

The marketers, sales rep or the World Most Respected Certification ?

My dear reader, Kangen Water Machine is a Medical Grade Water Ionizer and it is not a Kitchen Appliance.

Check out the factory which manufactures Kangen Water Medical Grade Ionizer Here

You can see the real

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factory and it is obviously the real certificates too ! Ask yourself, will the respected authority sue Kangen Water if the claims are not real and especially it is very popular on the market and the demand is so high.

You have all the answers as to why Enagic can be trusted and why you will have peace of mind. The awards received showed you that the company passed all these manufacturing excellence. So, you are not required to be an expert to find out more into details.

Lastly, you must be aware that Kangen Water Machine : Gold Standard SD501 “Important Things About The Machine” and Enagic is the only ionizer manufacturer in the word who has obtained a Gold Seal.

Will these give you peace of mind ? Our long history of

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Kangen Water and its strong presence on the market does all the saying too. When we say our Kangen Water Machine can lasts for 15 years to 25 years, they are all real because people are using the machine for such a long period of time and still enjoying the benefits of the water 🙂

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As always, I welcome any concerns that you may have and please feel free to contact me from the details given below 🙂

To Your Health, Wellness and Prosperity !








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