Your Health And Kangen Alkaline Water

Staying Alkaline Is The Focus In This Post 🙂 We know that diet, lifestyle, water, environmental pollution are among few factors that contribute to body stress which welcome sickness instead of wellness.

Therefore, in order to support wellness and prevent disease, it is necessary to cleanse and detoxify your body so that it gives you a clean internal environment

Many of us are not capable to get rid our bodies with all the acids we have created from the food we eat, stress and so on. Imagine what can happen when the acid wastes move around the body via the blood and lymphatic system in your body ? It will overload your kidney and then this part of your organ will dump the acid wastes which can be stored in fat. The reason why lots of people have cholesterol and uric acid is also partly because of the acid wastes that have been dumped within the body for removal but not being removed from the body.

Therefore, it is important to understand why water must be present in your body and how kangen water which is more than just alkaline water can help in removing acid

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wastes from your body as well as the health benefits it can provide to let your body heal itself. For a more detailed information on all those stuffs I have just mentioned, please feel free to opt in for free water report on the right side bar on this blog. It covers most of the things you would want to know. This is absolutely with no obligation 🙂

Let me briefly explain that to be alkaline, it will have a pH slightly more than 7.0. Alkalise your body simply means shifting the pH of your body from acidic state to alkaline state. So choosing the water which seem right for you may not always be right if you do not seek to understand the difference between a home used ionizer or we called it another kitchen appliance and ” a home used medical grade device that restructure your tap water into water with special properties to help your body heal itself.”

Lastly, allow me to share with you on how you can actually do a self-test at home to check the pH level of your body before alkalising your body 🙂

Testing your pH Level on Saliva

1. You need to purchase a pH test strips for urine and saliva (get the correct strips)
2. a) Do the test one hour before meal or 2 hours after meal for saliva testing
b) Do not rinse or wash your mouth with any mouth wash yet till after the test is done.
c) Swallow your saliva a couple of times to stimulate new saliva
3. Discharge the saliva into plastic spoon
4. Place the pH test strip in the saliva

After that, you can refer to the pH chart against the pH from your saliva.

Hope you receive one or two new information from this post and I wish you happy testing 🙂

For more information, please feel free to contact me from the details given below.

Have a nice day ! 🙂

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Kangen Water Malaysia
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2 Responses to “Your Health And Kangen Alkaline Water”

  1. Hi Pearly, This is my first visit here and have never heard of Kangen water before. I occasionally do use X20 sachets in my water,which does transform my water into an alkalizing agent which creates numerous beneficial antioxidants.

    I did not realize there was a test that I could take to measure the PH Levels in our bodies? Where would one begin to look for this. It would be interesting to check into.

    Thanks for sharing, Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted…Where Does Your Money Go?My Profile

    • Pearly Quah says:

      Hi Chery,

      Thank you for your visit..very much appreciated !:-)

      Ahhh…I have heard of turning your water into alkaline water but haven’t checked out more on that. Thanks for sharing, Chery. Please also look into the level of chlorine in your water because that is the major concern. It is very harmful to the body !

      As for the strip, you can get it from pharmacy and make sure you are asking for saliva and urine PH test. Hope that helps and let me know what you have got after the test ! 🙂

      Cheers, Chery ! 🙂

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